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3–6 years

Entering into a culture of excellence from the beginning ensures your child will have the opportunity to grow up developing proper skills.

Should your child be one who excels in the exciting and challenging world of dance he or she will need excellent training. We at NADA are dedicated to nurturing young children to foster a love of dance, while having  fun in discovery and reaching potential. Ultimately our program is designed to prepare students for entry into our full dance program at age seven. Each child can benefit greatly from his or her pre-ballet experience.

Each student participates in NADA’s pre-ballet program will begin to develop:

  • Basic Dance Elements
  • Motor skills, Spatial Awareness, Body Placement, Strength and Flexibility
  • Creative Abilities, Self Expression
  • Social Skills
  • Musical Rhythms, Controlled Movements With Music
  • Appreciation For Classical Music and the Arts in General
  • Skills and Discipline Necessary for Entry Into Our Full Dance Program at Age Seven

Between the ages of three to six much is accomplished in a child’s development. At this age they are most receptive to learning. Instilling in our children a sense of accomplishment is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Within our fun yet structured environment NADA students have an additional opportunity to build their confidence and self esteem.

We offer a full schedule of morning and afternoon classes Monday through Saturday.  You may come in at any time to observe classes in action.  You may also set up an appointment for a complimentary class to introduce your potential student to his or her first dance class or if she has some experience to get acquainted with us!

We feature an end of season recital in May providing our students with fun and valuable performing experience!

Please see link below to download our Pre-Ballet Brochure!